MT5 Indicator “ABC-ChartCenter-en” set the current price in chart center


ABC-ChartCenter-en” is the indicator to set the current price in the chart center.

ガチ速FX 27分で256万を稼いだ“鬼デイトレ"
及川圭哉 30万を約3年で4億突破させた異才、月間1500pips超を安定して稼ぐ秀才などなど、「実戦で勝ちまくるトレーダー」を多数輩出、常勝トレーダー集団“FXism”主宰者によるデイトレ技術を初公開!


See the below chart. In the case of the current prices is upper on the chart, we want to shift the current price to the chart center, don’t we?

ABC-ChartCenter-en will help you to do so.

ChartCenter iis not activate

ChartCenter is activate


CHART RANGE: When the indicater is active, the chart price range will be set with this. Please change the range according to the price pair. This is the important factor.

TEXT COLOR: You can change the text color of the button.

OFF COLOR、ON COLOR :  You can change the button color.

X POSITION adustment, Y POSITION adustment: The default setting position is left middle.You can adjust the positon of the button on both X and Y axis from the default position . Below is the example on X position adjustment = 100 and Y position adjustment = 100.


To prevent unauthorized access, please use the password “ChartCenter” when you download it.

“ABC-ChartCenter-MT5-en” をダウンロード ABC-ChartCenter-en.ex5 – 0 回のダウンロード – 9 KB

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2022/3/25 version1.0 released


comming soon.